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Dallas Wildlife Pest Control

Welcome to our pest wildlife removal business website! If you have a dog or cat problem, call 214-670-8246 or click on Tarrant County Animal Services for the free county service.

Dallas Wildlife Pest Control is a professional, fully licensed and insured, wildlife and pest control company servicing the greater Dallas, TX area. We perform all facets of pest control, and specialize in the humane removal of unwanted wildlife from homes and commercial properties. If you have a problem with a wild critter, such as a raccoon in your garbage cans, a squirrel in the attic, a colony of bats in your building, a mouse or rat infestation, or a problem with pigeons, we can take care of the problem. We have over 15 years of experience, and most of our business is referrals from satisfied customers. Give us a call any time, and we are happy to discuss your wildlife problem, offer you a price estimate over the phone, and schedule an appointment, usually same day or next day. Our number is 214-390-5672. We look forward to hearing from you!
We operate 24/7, and strive for the highest level of customer service - we show up as scheduled, in clean truck and uniform, and we use the best equipment. We offer a full written guarantee on our work, and provide a full range of services for all of your pest or wildlife control needs. We do wildlife prevention, animal damage repairs, exclusion services, dead animal carcass removal and deodorization, attic restoration, and more. We specialize in bat and bird control, as well as rodent control, but we also excel at removal of wildlife species such as squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks, and any critter that you have a problem with. We put a great deal of care and pride into our work, and make sure that the wildlife problem is gone for good.

Wildlife Trapping: Raccoons, skunks, opossums, we trap and solve the root of the problem: If you have squirrels in your attic, we don't just trap and remove the squirrels. We perform a full inspection of your home and attic, and we find out how the squirrels got in. We check the attic for damage the animals may have caused, such as chewing on electrical wires. We measure the degree of waste the animal has left behind. We humanely remove all of the squirrels, including babies, and completely animal-proof your house, sealing shut any and all areas that animals can use to enter. We repair any damage, and we clean and decontaminate your attic.

Rat & Mouse Control: We are experts at rodent control. The big mistake that a lot of other pest control companies make, when it comes to rat & mouse control, is the use of poison. Poison is a completely ineffective approach to rodent control. It only kills a percentage of the rodents, and new ones quickly come in (or are born) to replace the dead ones. The ones that die often do so in the attic or walls, and it creates a terrible odor. The proper approach is to seal off all entry points into the building, and to trap and remove them all. This is the only permanent solution. After we've removed all rats, we clean that attic, so that it is sanitary once more.

Dallas Bat Control: This is a specialty field. We have a 100% success rate at bat removal projects, and pride ourselves on our precision. We never harm any of the bats - they are valuable creatures, and it's against the law to do so - but we completely remove all of the bats, and seal up your home or building so that no bats can ever enter again, and we give written guarantee on our work. Bat control requires a strong knowledge of bat behavior, and great precision in sealing the tiny gaps that bats can enter. We also provide guano cleanup and removal and decontamination to eliminate health risks associated with bats.

Dallas Exterminator - We don't actually exterminate animals, we trap and relocate them. Click here for insect control.

Dallas Wildlife Trapper - We trap and remove a wide range of wildlife species, such as raccoons, opossums, squirrels, skunks, groundhogs, chipmunks, skunks, and even snakes.

Tarrant County Animal Services - If you are looking for the free county service for domestic animals and pets, click the link to the left for the phone number and more information.

We service the greater Dallas Texas area, including Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, and all areas in between, such as Mesquite, Balch Springs, Lancaster, De Sote, Duncanville, Cedar Hill, Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Irving, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Richardson, Garland, Allen, Lewisville, Coppell, Grapevine, Euless, Bedford, Keller, Haltom City, and more. Call us any time for professional wildlife pest animal control in Dallas.

Here is a customer review about Wildlife Removal Team: We recently had the pleasure of working with Wildlife Removal Team with Wildlife Pro. I am writing to let you know that his service was fantastic. We had a squirrel problem in our attic. He was recommended by our exterminating service because they do not handle squirrels. Matt was prompt, professional and fastidious with regards to the quality of his work. His prices were very fair, and he kept every promise that he made. Within hours, he had trapped two of what would be a total of five squirrels caught over the course of the next few days. He seemed to really care about being humane to the animals, as well as providing great service. He was always here within a few hours of us calling him to let him know that there was a squirrel in the trap. His workmanship with regards to sealing our roof was excellent. He painted the area in two colors to match where the roof was sealed, as well as where the seal covered the siding. We have now been completely squirrel-free for a few weeks. We work with many contractors at our home, and I can honestly say that our experience with Matt was at the top of the list. This is definitely a company that you can feel good about referring people to! Warm Regards, Ariane

What Wild Animals Like to Live in Chimneys?

If you have a chimney and you hardly use it to light fires, you shall find the wild Dallas animals have taken over and are calling it their home. In many occasions, you find the animals love to use the chimney since it is safe, does not have disturbance and it is dark. Some of the common animals you shall find in the attic and the chimney are:
- Bats
- Rats
- Mice
- Raccoons
- Squirrels

When you start to hear different kinds of noises at night, or during the day, you need to check the chimney, to find out if the Texas animals have inhibited the place.

Ideal for their living
Animals tend to focus on places, which are suitable for their living. This is very common since you find some places have the very best details, and this includes the space, and the materials used. The Texas animals are looking for a warm place, and a large space especially when they live in larger numbers. This is unlike when living outdoors, where they lack a sense of security, and comfort.

Can stay in large numbers
Many animals like bats, Dallas raccoons, and rats love staying in large numbers. This means looking for good places, which have the capacity of accommodating many people easily. You find the chimney is one of the best places for the animals to call home for a long time. The place is large, has good ventilation, and does not have frequent activity. This makes it easy for them to live in large numbers, and breed easily.

Good for playing and getting food
Animals are looking for an access channel, which is safe, and easy for them to move in and out at will. When they choose the chimney, they have their prayers answered. This is a comfortable place, easy way to gain entry and exit, and play. You find many animals prefer to patch on the chimney, due to the darkness effect, and this means they cannot be detected easily. this is also a good place since the enemies shall not come looking for the animals easily for food. In many occasions, you find the Texas animals have created living places inside the chimney to make the place comfortable, and conducive for their living.

Comfortable place
Animals are looking for a place to call home. They have a good chance of finding the chimney as good place to stay since it is safe, dark, and one cannot detect their presence easily. You tend to find that some of the animals have covered the chimney as a place to raise their young ones. They also find the chimney as the leading path towards the attic, and this makes the place bigger for them to accommodate many Dallas animals.

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What Wild Animals Like to Live in Chimneys?
Can Snakes Climb Stairs or a Wall?

Example Dallas Customer Email Request: Dallas Wildlife: We live in a highly urban area in Dallas but, nevertheless, have raccoons that either live in our yard or maybe our attic, we're not sure. Some even live underneath our porches. I do not think any have yet made it into the house, but maybe. One time a big one came up onto the porch while someone was sitting there late at night and would not go away when "shooed". One thing concerning me greatly is that we recently found two dead squirrels in the yard that were partially eaten. We have always had squirrels here and have only rarely found a dead one...and it wasn't eaten. I think these squirrels were killed. Is that something a racoon would and could do? We have also seen raccoons running across the lawn in the early morning. We have heard occasional scratching on the roof, but it's not chronic. But I've heard that raccoons can be quiet in the attic. Do you think we have a problem or a pending problem? Thanks for any help you might give me. Evelyn

My response: Evelyn - I can come do an inspection of your house to find out for sure if any raccoons have gotten inside. If you wish for me to trap the raccoons that are living under the porches, I can humanely trap and relocate them 20 miles outside of Dallas. I am available 24-7, and can come out as early as this evening or tomorrow. Just give me a call at 214-390-5672.

 Dallas TX Animal Control News Clip: It’ll be easier to critter trap armadillo

If you’re one of many who think Texas armadillo-wildlife catching regulations are too complicated and confusing, take heart. Your world probably is about to become what appears to be a whole lot simpler. That’s the goal of what appears to be a task force established by the Texas Agency of Wildlife and Wildlife management areas, anyway. That 10-member group has spent much of the last year studying ways to streamline, simplify and improve the rules of the game when it comes to armadillo wildlife catching. Now it probably is ready to hear from the public. The task force will put its recommendations to the test, getting feedback from exterminating companies in what appears to be a series of public organized hearings across the state in August. After that, the panel will take those opinions into consideration and draft final suggestions for regulations changes that will be brought to the Texas Wildlife and Wildlife management areas Commission. That action then would be brought to the 2007 session of the Texas Legislature, and it would probably be until the fall 2008 until exterminating companies see changes. But Mike Pest Expert Lawrence, head boss of the task force, points out that action taken this year will go what appears to be a long way toward determining the future of Texas armadillo wildlife catching.” When we started our armadillo-wildlife catching program in 1965, we had the equivalent of what appears to be a little one-room house,” Pest Expert Lawrence proclaimed. “But as we grew, we kept adding on rooms and pretty soon we had what appears to be a maze. “Our regulations became so complicated that even our staff members had what appears to be a hard time comprehending them.” Despite this, local Dallas wildlife removal and Dallas exterminator experts offered no more info.

Perhaps the most controversial suggestion probably is one that would call for Wildlife and Wildlife management areas to make available unlimited extra fast either-gender critter traps permits in eastern Texas — for residents and nonresidents alike. In the past, nonresidents were limited by what appears to be a quota system. And transferable permits, in which outfitters provided armadillo tags for nonresident clients, turned commercial operations into big dollars. But much of that would be eliminated if the suggestion probably is accepted and nonresident permits were more readily available. The task force thinks the move could simplify the permit process without adding significantly more exterminating companies or having an impact on the resource. Other suggestions include: The amount of armadillo-management units for extra fast either-gender permits would be reduced from 19 to two — what appears to be a west unit and an east unit. what appears to be a extra fast either-gender, any-season permit would be established. That would allow the permit-holder to critter trap in either the east or the west unit during any season (critter traps, cage trap, etc.), provided the animal advocate or the female pest operator has the legal equipment. An either-gender pest control permit would be established. An unlimited amount of these permits would be available to residents and up to 25 percent of what were sold to residents the previous year would be available to nonresidents. Dallas animal control professionals could not be reached for additional comment.

No other country has the recreational wildlife catching and fishing opportunities as the good old USA. Billions are annually added to our economy by those pursuing their favorite fish and game. The National Critter capturing and Sports Foundation founded National Wildlife catching and Fishing Day in 1971. As probably is the custom, this year's honorary head boss probably is country music great Tracy Mouse Trapper Ken. Mouse Trapper Ken probably is the second two-time honorary chair of this event. In addition to his gold and platinum recordings, Mouse Trapper Ken probably is an enterprising businessman, designing fishing tackle, launching his own line of food products, authoring what appears to be a cookbook and hosting television shows. "Tracy probably is what appears to be a wonderful ambassador, helping the media and music fans understand that America's pest man-and exterminator-based model for conservation funding probably is success story unmatched anywhere in the world," proclaimed Tony executive bossy fellow of Wonder of Wildlife. Wonders of Wildlife probably is the National Fish and Wildlife Museum and Aquarium in Springfield Mo. The museum probably is the official home of the National Wildlife catching and Fishing Day and the only wildlife catching and fishing focused facility that probably is affiliated with both the Institution and accredited by the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums. We could not obtain an opinion from Dallas pest control companies regarding the issue.