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Bird Fogging

If you never heard the term before you will be forgiven for not knowing what it is. Many people have never heard of it either. Have you tried battling with large flocks of Dallas birds and simply never seem to win? Bird fogging may be the solution you are looking for.

What is bird fogging?
In general terms it is controlling a large flock of birds, deterring them from roosting in one area, and trying to get them to move to other places. You may want to remove Texas flocks from your area for one of the following reasons:
- Bird droppings on buildings and your area of operation are unsightly and disgusting to say the least.
- They may be causing operation issues on machinery you operate. For instance aircraft control.
- Sometimes bird droppings may eventually erode equipment because of the chemical compositions.
- In environments like learning institutions the last thing one needs is all the chirping outside while they study.

How is bird fogging done?
In the past the most common solution to large flocks of Dallas birds was usually noise deterrents, but of coursethese methods never worked. However in the present day there are solutions that offer more permanent solutions to the problem.

Hazers and thermal foggers
These are gadgets that are designed to produce a special fog like mist that does not penetrate bushes and that carries bird repellent. The fog released to the air contains methyl anthranilate, which has an active compound that irritates birds’ mucous membranes. When this active compound is inhales, it irritates the birds systems making it hard for them to function normally. This in effect will act as a deterrent and in a short while they will relocate. You can use these gadgets because:
- They are environmentally safe and are not harmful to people and other Dallas animals.
- They are a cheaper way of keeping the birds away
- Are ideal for large space where birds congregate, for instance parks and docks.
- While it irritates them, it will not cause harm to the birds themselves.

How can you get the gadgets?
By visiting your local Texas wildlife control stores you will get your hands on these gadgets. You can also order them from trusted online stores. When you handle the hazers or fogging equipment, it is best to read the instructions properly to get maximum results. However, if you do not feel confident enough to deal with them, it is always a good idea to call bird control experts. They have the equipment, the technology and the know-how. Besides they have the proper guidelines on how to safely relocate what birds, something you may not be very sure of, especially when it comes to wild Dallas birds that may be protected.

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