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Dallas Bird and Pigeon Control & Removal

Bird and Pigeon are a common nuisance animal in central Texas. In Dallas and Fort Worth, bird have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many homes in the area. If you need a professional solution for your Dallas bird problem, give us at A Wildlife Pro a call. We are experts at bird control and removal, and have been working with Texas wildlife for over 10 years. We are familiar with the habits of Texas birds, and are experts at humane trapping and removal of this critter. Give us a phone call any time, and we can schedule a same-day or next day appointment.

About Birds: The most common nuisance birds in Dallas are pigeons, and sometimes Starlings and Grackles. The most common issue in bird control is a messy roost of pigeons on or inside a commercial building. The best way to solve a pigeon problem is to install deterrents that prevent the birds from roosting - this includes bird spike and netting, most commonly. If you have a problem with pigeons crapping all over the place, we can keep them away for good.
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We service the greater Dallas Texas area, including Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, and all areas in between, such as Mesquite, Balch Springs, Lancaster, De Sote, Duncanville, Cedar Hill, Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Irving, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Richardson, Garland, Allen, Lewisville, Coppell, Grapevine, Euless, Bedford, Keller, Haltom City, and more. Call us any time for professional bird pest control in Dallas.

Dallas Bird and Pigeon Control Emails:

I just read about your clean-up of attic spaces, etc. I have a "toilet area for starlings" that accumulated over the winter--droppings under roosting areas in a dirt-floored chicken house. Can you help me with this problem? We have cleaned-up a lot of it but I would like to look into something more effective in the bio-hazardous aspect of this mess. I hope that you might reply to me. Thank you, Jenny

Some one from your company came out this morning and removed a baby vulture that had fallen out of the tree at our house. We have another one that fell out. This bird is alive, but will not survive on it’s own. Can some call me and give me a quote to remove the bird? Thank You, Amy

Dallas Critter Trappers - There is at least one pigeon that I have seen in my attic - the hole seems to be in a rotten facia board at the top of our two story house. The One Way Exclusion Trap sounds good to me but where would I get this trap and who could I get to install it(carpenter? pest expert?). Now I have a cage in the attic with a one way entrance with peanut butter and raisins in it. Just put it in two days ago. I am 70 years old, and do not want to put your recommended trap in myself. Thanks for your help! - Mick

Hello Dallas Critter Trappers, I have read your website several times regarding birds in the attic. We had a mother pigeon, but she left after our dogs raised a ruckus. We think we have all the possible holes covered and so far, so good. She hasn't returned. She took her babies with her, by the way. I am curious about your photos. Are these your own photos? Would you give me permission to use the photo of the mother with her baby in her mouth for a school presentation? I want to give you full credit for the photo, so if you can give me your name and location that would be helpful as well. Thank you for your information and site. Twyla

Hello, I was searching the web for a solution and found your site. For 2 or 3 weeks now in the early mornings of the weekend when I am home I have heard a fairly loud pecking / high pitched sound that must be near the top of my chimney. The rapid pecking or chewing, or animal sound which every the case is, echos down my chimney. You can even hear it vibrating down the wall from the inside and the outside of my condo. There are many birds here, I live right by the edge of a wooded area. I can also hear wood peckers a distance into the woods. The noise that I hear in the chimney is very fast faced and sort of sqawky. Do you help with this type of thing? What is the charge for your service? Kim

Hi~ Could you provide me with some information about ducks? We own an apartment community in Plano, TX and we have two small ponds. We recently renovated the ponds and they are now a pool based filtration system that is treated like a pool which is not a healthy environment for the ducks that decided to call our ponds home. We did not place the ducks here and at some point a domestic duck that can not fly was put at our pond. That duck mated with the other ducks and now we are over populated with domestic ducks that can not fly and we don't have the best environment to accommodate them. What would you recommend? What are the regulations on having them removed? Animal control will not get involved. Thanks,