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Can Snakes Climb Stairs or a Wall?

Not everyone knew how (some) Texas snakes could actually manage to climb up on walls. Most people only find out about this once they see a snake up in the attic. Though not all species are good at this, one must be aware of the fact that certain walls can make climbing a whole lot easier for the snake.

On top of everything
To get to the other side, snakes commonly use walls that have gaps around them (e.g. brick walls, adobes, uneven ripraps, etc). If this particular wall has a downspout attached at the foot, a Dallas snake with excellent climbing ability can easily make its way up.
- Black Racer snake
- Corn Snake or Red Rat Snake
- Yellow Rat Snake

These types of snakes however would only crawl their way up if the house were infested with rodents to begin with. In that case, homeowners must also get rid of texas rats around their houses.

What about the stairs?
Snakes found in the basement probably got in there for two reasons. The first one is when the snake used the basement door as the main entryway. Some basements are built with a sliding door that is adjacent to the pool yard or garden. Leaving the door open allow any outside creatures to come in. The second probable cause is when the snake came down the basement from upstairs. In that case, you need to check for possible open entryways from other parts of the house.
- There’s a slim chance that the Texas snake will go up to the next floor after the basement
- A typical house snake won’t make it all the way from the basement up to the very top of the stairs
- In case the snake (somehow) manages to climb, it would take a lot of effort since snakes need to literally bend over backwards to climb up a stair
- The only exceptions are probably the much longer Dallas snakes (e.g. king cobra, python, King snake, Brazilian snakes etc). These snakes are capable of stretching forward to look as if they are actually just crawling over the surface of the stairs. The longer the snake, the easier it is for them to glide over the stairs and climb all the way up.

To sum up everything, bigger snakes can actually climb up the stairs. It’s also quite simple to imagine if the stairs have very wide steps but the height only measures around three to four inches. Even regular sized Texas corn snakes can find its way up to almost anything just as long as they find something to cling onto. If the stairs have railings and parallel bars, any snake can hook itself around it and also to the next one until it reaches the top.

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